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Backhand Secrets - The 2 Hander

Discover How To Fix Your 2 Handed Backhand Quickly And
Easily With These You W Proven Lessons, Drills, And Strategies From
Jeff Salzenstein, CEO, Tennis Evolution, USTA High
Coach Former Top 100 ATP Singles Player, 2 Time Stanford All-American 
And National Champion.

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ONE TIME $27 OFFER: Combine your rock solid backhand with a nasty slice backhand and you will totally keep your opponents of balance. Get the Slice Backhand Solution with your Backhand Secrets order today at a massive discount. Valued at $297, this slice backhand program is only $47 today In this program, you'll get complete technique breakdowns, all the footwork patterns, drills and bonus lessons that will give you the proven system to master your slice backhand. This is a one time offer only on this page.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get:
  • The 3 Arm Positions At The Contact Point
  • How To Make The Djokovic 1st Move Make The “Modern” Relaxed 1st Move
  • The Little Known "Lean Back" Method
  • How To Feel The Side For Perfect Balance 
  • The Lansdorp Finish Drill Strategy 
  • The "Bjorn Borg" Finish Secret
 David L

Okay Jeff, I have always loved your coaching videos, but this one is off the hook! I recently switched to a two-hander, but have been struggling a bit... your information is exactly what I needed. I can't wait until the next video comes out. :)

 Darcy H

I watched this video yesterday and tried it out today. It really did make a difference! I finally felt comfortable hitting my backhand today, which I haven't felt in a long time. I even had more power, which was a plus! I look forward to more lessons Jeff.

 Bob H

Hi Jeff. As a 65 year young person who learnt the game eons ago and all wrong, I am now passionate about learning it the right way. My coach tells me that my 2-handed backhand is likely to be my strongest shot. At the moment, it's anything but -- I think he sees the potential. Your tips may be the thing that unlocks that potential. Thank you! Bob H. Sydney.

 Steve B

A student purchased your BH course for me. Great stuff! I loved the interview with Michael Joyce and employed the Lansdorp extension drill in 2 lessons over the weekend. Both players immediately started striking the ball both cleaner and deeper. One parent commented how amazed they were at their daughters' progress this past week (I used both your serve and BH tips).

 Ed H

I watched your three videos on the one-hand backhand about three or four times yesterday and today. I then went to the court with a friend; asked him to hit me balls to the backhand. Within about 10 returns, I was hitting with consistency and significantly more topspin that I have every experienced in my past 25 years of playing tennis. I feel especially good about this. Very, very helpful lessons.

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