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Backhand Secrets - The 2 Hander

Discover How To Fix Your 2 Handed Backhand Quickly And
Easily With These You W Proven Lessons, Drills, And Strategies From
Jeff Salzenstein, Founder, Tennis Evolution, USTA High Performance
Coach Former Top 100 ATP Singles Player, 2 Time Stanford All-American And National Champion. 
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ONE TIME $47 OFFER: Combine your rock solid backhand with a nasty slice backhand and you will totally keep your opponents of balance. Get the Slice Backhand Solution with your Backhand Secrets order today at a massive discount. Valued at $297, this slice backhand program is only $47 today In this program, you'll get complete technique breakdowns, all the footwork patterns, drills and bonus lessons that will give you the proven system to master your slice backhand. This is a one time offer only on this page.

Here's What You'll Get:
  • 15 On Court Lessons Including Body Position Secrets
  • 10 Backhand Drills Including The Lansdorp Drive 
  • 5 Rally Drills Including The Head At Contact Drill
  • Bonus: Fix Your High Backhand Return

Outstanding Reviews On Jeff's Trainings


Okay Jeff, I have always loved your coaching videos, but this is off the hook! I recently switched to a two-hander, but have been struggling a bit... your information is exactly what i needed. I can't wait until the next video comes out


Hey Jeff, great videos. I am a tennis instructor at a public facility and your videos were eye openers for me. I have been a life-long one hand backhander. I thought I had a fair idea of how to teach the two-hander until I watched the first video. I took the first video lesson on 'no more tension'out to a class of ten year olds and we had great success ( and they loved wiggling there fingers after each shot.) Win or lose I am a big fan and your cheat sheet goes home with every student now and I will quiz them on its content. Thanks again for making me a better coach.


I watched your video this morning and had a tennis lesson an hour later. I definitely made a point of relaxing and focusing on the follow through. I hit my backhand probably better than i ever have. Thanks for your advice. Looking forward to watching the next videos. 


I watched this video yesterday and tried it out today. It really did make a difference! I finally felt comfortable hitting my backhand today, which i haven't felt in a long time. I even had more power, which was a plus! I look forward to more lessons Jeff.


Hi Jeff, thank you for your help with high backhand. This is the most difficult shot of tennis. I enjoyed our video and every steps you showed on the 3rd clip. My favorite part is "Drop steps and cross over then shuffle" before you hit the ball. Also i like to hear your straight forward suffestion that we need to practice the steps, footwork and movement to make it work.
Surely, you delivered what you promised. Great energy and good technics.
Your Friend and Tennis Coach,
Jeff Salzenstein
Founder Of Tennis Evolution
USTA High Performance Coach
Former Top 100 ATP Pro
Call Toll Free: 1(855) 930-1030
 Outside US Or Canada: +1 (303) 586-1887
PO Box 22732, Denver, CO 80222, United States

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