From Jeff Salzenstein, USTA High Performance Coach 
And Former Top 100 Singles And Doubles Player... 
Discover The Little Known Secrets To
 Generating BIG Baseline Power And Spin 
On Your 1 Handed Backhand ...
Even If You Aren't a "Natural" Born Athlete

 "I hit the courts yesterday, after only two days of practicing your tips and "killed" it. It wasn't only my opponents that were shocked....I was shocked!"
 - Dennis
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ONE TIME $47 OFFER: Combine your rock solid backhand with a nasty slice backhand and you will totally keep your opponents of balance. Get the Slice Backhand Solution with your Backhand Secrets order today at a massive discount. Valued at $297, this slice backhand program is only $47 today In this program, you'll get complete technique breakdowns, all the footwork patterns, drills and bonus lessons that will give you the proven system to master your slice backhand. This is a one time offer only on this page.

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See The Amazing Backhand Results From Others
 I hit the courts yesterday, after only two days of practicing your tips and "killed" it. It wasn't only my opponents that were shocked....I was shocked! AND I accomplished this without having seen your 3rd video, which I just viewed this morning! Absolutely no other instruction that I've had has impacted my ability to develop a winning one hand backhand as yours.
Thank you for these tips and drills on the one-handed backhand. These tips are new to me and offer clear explanation on proper stroke technique, finishing the stroke, where to make contact with the ball, angle of the shoulders for the stroke, weight distribution, and many more. You certainly know how to break it down and have a gift for teaching.
I have struggled with this shot for years and for the first time I feel truly confident that I can with practice executed it the way I want have always wanted. Thanks you so much I look forward to getting on the court and really working on making it my "go shot".
You need to know you have transformed the game of the 74 year old man who feels 50. Thanks again.
I watched your videos on the one-hand backhand about three or four times yesterday and today. I then went to the court with a friend; asked him to hit me balls to the backhand. Within about 10 returns, I was hitting with consistency and significantly more topspin that I have ever experienced in my past 25 years of playing tennis. Very, VERY helpful lessons.
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